Welcome fellow shoppers

Please have patience while I get familiar with this new product WordPress.  I’m a critic as well as a shopper and I’m going to critique this product.  What makes me qualified you ask?  Well I have experience in design and software and currently I’m the purchasing agent for all the software and hardware for the group I work for -Distance Education at the Extension School at Harvard University.  I shop by day and by night. I’ve navigated through countless web sites and critiqued many web sites as well as software products.  I have a Harvard P-Card short for Purchasing Card and countless personal charge cards.

One might say I’m a shopaholic.  So far, WordPress.com is not a particularly impressive product but it does seem to get the job done.  The most useful feature is the short video Welcome to WordPress.com Video with the man with the Australian accent and great funky  music.  Well, here goes I’ll try another post soon. 👍